Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia
Bay of Fires is a spectacular beach far off the beaten track (if there is such a thing in Tasmania). You might find local kite-celebrity Rob Brasington test-flying something new.

Berkeley Marina, California
With the sight of San Francisco across the Bay, it’s hard to find a more scenic spot than the Berkeley Marina. Winds can be challenging, but there’s plenty of room to fly safely.

Black Rock City, Nevada
If you are interested in an extraordinary experience to go along with your kite flying, here it is! The Burning Man festival is indescribable, and the kite flying here can be fantastic – and more appreciated by spectators than anywhere I’ve ever seen.

Brenton Point State Park, Newport, Rhode Island
Maybe the most beautiful ocean-side park in the United States, Brenton Point has enough cover that you can feel completely alone even with hundreds of your kite flying friends.

Cervia, Italy
Perfect combination of wind, sun, food and drink. The festival here happens in late April with good weather and not too many crowds; later in the summer, there are far too many people and it’s much hotter.

Fano, Denmark
The wide, hard-packed beach offers a place for everyone, but if you prefer to stay in your island cabin, you can fly there, too. Strong winds, but so smooth!

Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed, California
This is the site, every April, of the North American Buggy Expo, which is a great time to buggy the dry lake bed. But there is also a fine place for kite flying, even with the fickle desert winds to contend with. Memorable sunsets, and Vegas is only 45 minutes away!

Ocean City, Maryland
This is my favorite East Coast beach for flying. With a boardwalk anchored by The Kite Loft, there are convenient restaurants and bars as well as reasonable hotels.

San Diego, California (Anywhere!)
The best kite flying weather in the United States. Plenty of beautiful parks and beaches, too.

Uchinada Beach, Japan
The Japan Kite Association has held its convention here (Early May) for over twenty years. It’s the best place to see a wide variety of Japanese kites in one place and there is always wind!