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From the Forgotten Bookshelf: Otto Piene’s More Sky

I don’t know how this understated paperback found its way to my bookshelf. I’ve walked into some great bookstores in every part of the country, including Powell’s in Portland, Tattered Cover in Denver, and Ken Sander’s Rare Books in Salt Lake City, to name a few. My memory is fuzzy, but More Sky might have been a Ken Sanders purchase, and I’m surprised and impressed every time I take it off the shelf and leaf through its pages.

From the Forgotten Bookshelf: Otto Piene’s More Sky2018-08-23T01:52:12+00:00

The Search for Usable Energy

In man’s search for usable energy, the journey started with the first spark that led to harnessing fire, and continues toward the hope of nuclear fusion power in the future. Here I’d like to draw from that history and consider how kites may be on the verge of becoming a small part of that story.

The Search for Usable Energy2018-08-23T01:50:36+00:00
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