Authors: Ben Ruhe
Date Submitted: May 31, 2006
Article Type: Journal

Four important kite collections have been given to the Drachen Foundation in the last few years. The donors made the gifts so their prize troves would be permanently nurtured and made freely available to the public. Acceptance of the collections by the Foundation involves conservation, documentation, and dissemination. The Foundation’s goal is the increase and diffusion of knowledge about kites worldwide.

As Director Ali Fujino notes, “Drachen policy is not to hold large numbers of kites but rather to stabilize collections and maintain them. Photographing a holding and posting the results online is one way of making a collection available globally, free to anyone with a computer. Another more limited way to show the works is in a touring exhibition. A third is holding the collection in storage and making it available for research by appointment.”

Altogether, this is a serious commitment. “Kites are delicate and perishable and require careful—-and costly—- handling over a long period of time,” says Fujino. “Because of their fragility, only a few really old kites remain anywhere in the world—-and no collections at all. Bolstered by acquisition of a secure warehouse to complement its offices, Drachen is expecting to change this.”

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