Authors: Della Porta
Date Submitted: May 31, 2001
Article Type: Journal

The dragon is made thus: Make a quadrangle of the small pieces of reeds, that the length may be to the breadth, one and half in proportion. Put in two diameters on the opposite parts or angles, where they cut on the other. Bind it with a small cord, and of the same bigness. Let it be joined with two others that proceed from the heads of the engine. Then, cover it with paper or thin linen, that there be no burden to weigh upon it.

Then from the top of a tower or some high place, send it out where the wind is equal and uniform, not into great winds, lest they break the workmanship, nor yet to small, for if the wind be still, it will not carry it up, and the weak wind makes it less labor.

Let it not fly right forth, but obliquely, which is effected by a cord that comes from one end to the other, and by the long tail which you shall make of cords of equal distance, and papers tied onto them.

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