Authors: Ed Grauel
Date Submitted: May 31, 2001
Article Type: Journal

The first-ever patent for a kite was issued in France on Sept. 27, 1800 to the Englishman George (Georges in French patent use) Pocock for one or more diamond-shaped kites designed to pull a carriage with four people. It was the 3,116th patent issued in France and was 66 years before the first American kite patent was issued, 82 years in Germany and 55 years in England. Also, it was 54 years before the next patent for a kite was issued in France. Kites were heavily constructed and took a substantial amount of wind to lift in the l800s and Pocock’s invention was never a commercial success.

Through l999, the French Patent Office issued l69 patents for kites or accessories. Twenty-five of these patents cover lighter-than-air or other objects which do not meet the definition of a kite and are excluded from the listings.

The remaining 144 French patents can properly be considered patents covering kites or accessories. Thirteen of these patents were also covered by U. S. patents, so the subject matter of the patents was known in this country.

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