Authors: Joe Hadzicki
Date Submitted: March 31, 2009
Article Type: Discourse

Wind power. It’s everywhere. In nature, it plays a part in ocean waves and mountain storms. Man’s use of it includes sailboats, windmills , and of course, drying clothes. Man has been using the wind for millennia, and with today’s technologies, significant breakthroughs may be possible to help answer part of the world’s energy problems.

In the kiting world, we are familiar with the power kites of Peter Lynn and the sporting applications of kite surfing and kite buggying. Many of us have felt the power of the wind while out flying our kites on a Sunday afternoon. Could we, weekend kite fliers, use kites to generate power? This is the kind of question that usually gets me into trouble. But the answer is: absolutely… but it will definitely take a bit of work.

With all this talk about alternate energy sources, what would it take for an average kite enthusiast to come up with their own version of kite power generation?

Let’s take a quick look, an overview, at what steps, you, as a weekend kite warrior, might go through to produce your very own energy using kites.

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