Authors: Gary Hinze
Date Submitted: November 30, 2008
Article Type: Discourse

A Cyanokite is a kite made from a cyanotype.

A cyanotype is an art print made with blueprint chemistry. The August 2008 Discourse featured kites made from cyanotype prints [1]. The prints were made by Susan Robb and they were made into kites by Scott Skinner and Nobuhiko Yoshizumi.

My daughter Jessica is an art student with an interest in alternate photographic processes. She has wanted to try the cyanotype process and I have wanted to make some kites from materials given to me by Japanese kite maker Minoru Matsui. I forwarded the Discourse URL to her. We got together to do this project. Jessica had the chemicals and I had the paper and bamboo.

The first step was to mix the chemicals. Wear clothes you don’t mind staining.

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