Authors: Ben Ruhe
Date Submitted: February 28, 2007
Article Type: Journal

Want to find out where the nearest kite shop in the U.S. is located? A great place to fly? A nearby kite club? WWW. is interactively mapping all three categories. They are works in progress and editorial contributions to them are invited…….Because certain types of kites, often Asian, are by tradition made with paper sails, interest in handmade paper has spread around the contemporary kite world. Anyone concerned to further his knowledge of this ancient craft is well advised to visit the Research Institute of Paper History and Technology, in Boston. Curated by the lively Elaine Koretsky with able support from her husband Dr. Sydney, photographer in chief until an eyesight problem intervened, the institute maintains a fascinating museum, open to researchers by appointment. Tibet, Burma (eight trips), and the remote reaches of China are among the areas they have visited. Available to study are old books on the subject, papermaking molds and tools, a wide ranging collection of handmade papers, even plants such as the mulberry which provide bark to make paper with. There are more than 3,000 items in the collection. Slides, movies, and videos created by the couple document papermaking around the world. www.papermakinghistory. org……. 

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