Authors: Peter Lynn
Date Submitted: May 31, 2001
Article Type: Journal

I have (with a bit of help) just established an absolutely definitive new benchmark in customer abuse. This is how it happened:

There I was sitting, obsessively watching the evening news as per most evenings between 6 and 7 (yes, inflexible habits) when the telephone front line defenses failed momentarily and I found myself, without warning, plunged into dealing with a Customer. An unhappy one at that. Right now I should say that this lady was polite, reasonable and not trying to pull any of the usual swifties that consumers think are perfectly moral for them while being international war crimes if attempted by your average multi-national.

She said she had bought one of our kites and it wouldn’t fly and she wanted something done about it.

I said: “"What sort of kite?”"

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