May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Peter Batchelor

Creation Year: 1997

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ISBN: 0959568425 Language: English Description: The Australian Kite Association is the oldest existing kiting body in Australia. In 1978 the AKA started publishing a small newsletter to help keep its members in touch with the happenings of the kiting community in Australia and with kiting developments overseas. Since then the newsletters have grown, changed names, formats and editors, but they have remained a great source of kiting information. This CD-ROM contains over 200 issues of our newsletters and magazines, as well as a large collection of photos and plans for over 70 kites and accessories. It also contains an updated copy of the AKA website, which includes links to the vast collection of Australian and International kiting resources on the Internet. Includes "Kites in the Classroom", a kiting resource for teachers.

Very extensive cd that allows you to see almost all of their archive from 1978-1997. Opening the cd you can click on the index file and the program opens in html format. Basically its like looking over their website, except it is all of it is old projects and info. It contains their magazines, kite plans, profiles of people, photos from events, and documents for teaching. All images are fairly low resolution.

170 megabytes on the cd

Geographic: Australia

Materials: Paper

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