November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1558

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Creation Year: 1903

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Very large white Extended Wing War Kite referred to as the Viva kite. Lela Cody in wicker kite chair. There is an uncorroborated story that while Lela was airborne she called out to Cody to get her down. However Cody remarked that she talked too much and she could just as well stay aloft! Viva Woman of War was a Cody theatrical production that was first produced in December 1903, however this kite appears to have been used in the Naval Kite Trials of April 1903. Same as 198, 439. 439 is reversed. Group including 198, 439, 440. This image (correctly oriented, along with an article entitled " A new lady aeronaut" appeared in Lady's Pictorial June 4th 1903

Geographic: United Kingdom

Materials: Bamboo, Cotton, Dowel

Significance: Historical

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