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Artist or Author: Percy B. Walker

Creation Year: 1974

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ISBN: 0-356-04696-6 Language: English Description: The First Aeroplanes is complementary to
Dr Walker's previous, much-praised Early
Aviation at Farnborough: Balloons, Kites and
Airships. Covering a similar period (from
1904 up to 1910) it completes the story of
the development of manned flight in
Britain, under the aegis of what was to
become the Royal Aircraft Establishment
at Farnborough. The book tells three main
stories, centring round the most prominent
designers of the time: the Wright brothers,
Samuel Franklin Code, and the near-
mystic John William Dunne. The analysis
of British negotiations with the Weights
throws much light on these pioneers'
character and achievements; similarly, the
research into Cody's aeroplane overthrows
many received opinions and establishes
that the proper credit for the first aeroplane
flight in Britain belongs to it.

Dr Walker's research is meticulous, and
of a practical nature; he spent a consider-
able time in the highlands of Scotland,
near Blair Atholl, establishing the geo-
graphy of the events which took place
there when Dunne tried out his machines,
and interviewing those few people who
could still remember the excitement that
it caused.

As in the previous volume, the brilliantly
researched collection of contemporary
photographs is an outstanding feature, and
vividly illustrates the story as it is told.
There is no comparable account of the
birth of British flying, and Dr Walker is
without question the master historian of
the period.

375 pages

Geographic: United Kingdom, United States

Materials: Cotton, Dowel, Paper

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