May 18, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2269

Post Type: Book

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Artist or Author: Wagenvoord, James

Creation Year: 1968

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Language: English Description: "Kites and kiteflyers have a history, but it isn't purely chronological. Although people have been flying kites for more than three thousand years, each new year contains all of the elements of all time. No kite has ever been made obsolete, and the basic kite, two sticks and a light fabric covering, continues to be sent up at the end of a string. The experience, the frustration of trying to make something fly, and the sheer fun of succeeding, remains fresh and successfully resists sophistication and posturing.

Adults tend to deal conversationally with kites in terms of children's fun, but every year when the weather is warm and the wind is soft, millions of children discover, while watching grown-ups, that the bigger and older one is, the easier it is to keep a hand on the kite string.

This is a book about a number of people of all ages, interests, and directions who have at least two things in common. They like kites, and they share a broad smile. When they send their kites up in search of the wind, they give nearly every air-breathing person whose eyes spot the kites floating in the sky, a brief return to a much simpler time-a time when it wasn't considered necessary to be conscious or apologetic about fun. It's difficult to be self-conscious when your eyes are fixed on a kite moving with the wind and the sky. It's a lot easier just to let a smile happen."

Geographic: Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, United States

Materials: Carbon, Dowel, Paper, Ripstop

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