October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Kite Collection

Collection Number: 3302

Post Type: History

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Artist or Author: Seth Abramson,,

Creation Year: 9

Length: 0.00

Height: 42.50

Width: 96.00


White ripstop Delta kite. Wooden dowels act as stablizers sewn in along the top edges of the kite. One wooden dowel spar is horizontally positioned as a spreader, secured at ends in sewn pockets. Another wooden dowel spar is positioned vertically down the center seam of the kite, secured at ends in sewn pockets. A blue circle logo is silkcreened onto the center of the kite fabric, and a keel with attached bridle is sewn onto the center seam across the logo. Two long tails are sewn onto the base of the kite and taper to less than 1/4".

The kite is one of 120 identical kites for the Seattle event, Kites Over Washington, all designed and made by Seth Abramson of Rock Camp Productions. The event, commissioned by the organization Credit Unions of Washington, was held on Spetember 9, 2009 on "Kite Hill" in Gasworks Park. Seth Abramson and 15 volunteers attempted to fly all of the kites simultaneously by connecting 5-6 kites to each other and tethering them to the ground. They were able to get 87 in the air at the same time.

For more information, see DF's newsletter, October 2009.

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