May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Ambrose Lloyd & Nicolette Thomas

Creation Year: 1979

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ISBN: 2-85961-041-3 Language: French Description: Although kites have been flown for something like
2,000 years, never have they been so popular as they
are today. They originated in ancient China where
everyone flew them, and often they were given a
symbolic significance, but nowadays kite flying has
become one of the few really multi-national
pastimes. More and more people are finding it an
attractive leisure activity.

This book is a comprehensive and lavishly
illustrated introduction to kites and kite flying. It
tells of their early history, how they were developed
through the centuries, and of the many uses to
which they were put, apart from that of giving
pleasure. Kites have been used in war and peace, for
signalling, for sending radio messages, for weather
forecasting, and they are still used for fishing in
parts of the world. Japan originated the fighting
kite, and there are musical kites and those large
enough to lift a man above the earth.

Following a very full and intriguing coverage of kite
history, there are descriptions of the many and
varying basic designs, the aerodynamics involved
and details of construction techniques. There are
instructions and diagrams for making six of the
most popular types.

With many black and white and full-colour illus-
trations, this is a book which will be welcomed by
all who are fascinated by the art and skill of
harnessing the wind for their enjoyment.

95 pages

Geographic: France, United Kingdom

Materials: Paper

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