May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Jack Kine

Creation Year: 1978

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ISBN: 0-85242-575-9 Language: English Description: "THIS BOOK is an attempt to make easier the building of a kite-one that will fly and not demand great skills or infinite patience. Friends often say to me how they wish they had my ability to make and draw things. I in turn, wish I could play the piano! God gave us all some form of skill. Doctors, bankers, accountants and the men who dig holes in the road-all are skilled in one way or another. No matter, anyone can manage to put the kites in this little book together, and-providing he does not possess two left thumbs-fly them for fun.

Since the invention of the aeroplane, the model aircraft hobby has boomed-sadly to the detriment of the kite-which has meant that this beautiful and versatile invention has been pushed into the background. There has however, in the past few years, been an increasing interest in kites, and many fine examples can be seen on hilltops and in parks on breezy weekends. The hobby has, like all good hobbies, its devotees.

One of the aims of this book is to make a small but positive gesture to help remind my readers that the kite can be, and has been, a very advanced and ingenious device, and to add a few more kiteflyers-both young and old-to the growing ranks of enthusiasts."

71 pages

Geographic: United Kingdom

Materials: Paper

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