October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Kite Collection

Collection Number: 3367

Post Type: History

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Artist or Author: Sang-oog Woo,,

Creation Year:

Length: 0.00

Height: 9.50

Width: 7.00


Small Korean kite, made in the traditional style by Sang-Oog Woo, Korean artisan and kite-maker.
The black and red design at the top is a replication of a design that is reported to have been used by Admiral Yi Sun-sin during a war against the Japanese from 1592 - 1598. Adm. Yi used kites to send messages to his army.

The design on the lower half of the kite uses the traditional and symbolic Korean colors - blue, red, green, and yellow. These colors are said to be reflections of certain emotions and feelings.

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