Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
From: November 12, 2004
To: November 14, 2004

Many of our projects come from a personal vision or inspiration.

Such was the case with the collaboration with Brolly Arts, a non profit for the arts: music, dance, and fine art, all mixed in with programming for both children and adults. It was the vision of the director, Amy McDonald Sanyer, who combined nature, music, dance and art kites at their best to praise the splendor of the Great Salt Lake. Joined by the commission of a new musical piece by world renown composer, Michael Nyman, the piece was performed by the magic of the Ahn Trio, with dancers choreographed by Charlotte Boye-Christensen and photographed by Stephen Trimble…the peaceful serenity of the Great Salt Lake was honored.

Then on one weekend in October, these performances went live…kites and birdhouses exhibited in the lobby, music, narration and dance, premiered on the stage before an enthusiastic public. It was a delightful presentation of collaborative creativity. Everyone was surrounded by the force of art.

And what was The Drachen Foundation’s contribution?
Bringing the creation of Australian kite artist Robert Brasington’s bird kites to teach the plight of the endangered species of The Great Salt Lake. His kites were the vehicle which introduced school children to The Great Salt Lake… They recreated the endangered species, in their own kite creations and traveled to The Great Salt Lake to fly them.

Special thanks to:
Amy McDonald Sanyer, Brolly Arts
Michael Nyman, composer
The Ahn Trio, contemporary and classical musicians
Robert Brasington, kite artist
The Students of Bad Dog Rediscovers America, birdhouse artists

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