Authors: Ben Ruhe
Date Submitted: May 31, 2007
Article Type: Journal

Kite aerial photography gives us a new conception and understanding of the universe. It is a unique tool in many fields of endeavor, both scientific and commercial. It has as well great esthetic impact. KAP, as the technique is called, is a superb hobby, pastime, passion, business—-with so many facets it has something for everyone.

Aerial views of the earth have of course become routine in the last two centuries. Photographs are taken from balloons, airplanes, helicopters, rockets, hang gliders, and other platforms in addition to kites. But the kite platform has unique advantages. It is relatively easy to wield, inexpensive, inoffensive to wildlife and humans, flyable under conditions that may defeat rivals, available for use where the others may not be (for instance, suspicious third world countries).

Very much on the plus side, aerial photography permits major help with the environment. We can monitor a progression from yesteryear (the melting of a glacier, for example). Engineers and architects are able to best locate large projects. KAP tracks pollution and erosion, keeps track of geological faults, babysits whales to keep them from harm from instrusive tourism.