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We are excited to offer this tool for kiters around the world to help in creating the world’s largest online kite collection and repository of information related to kites. It is a way to document your kiting years and create a legacy of what you have done in kiting for generations to come.

Our upload tool allows you to upload items from your own collection – as well as photos, documents, video links, and more – to share with the world. Once items are uploaded, they can be found by visitors to the Drachen Foundation website using the search tool.

Please do a search [link:] before entering your item to avoid duplication. For photos, you must rotate them as you wish them to appear before uploading. If you would like to share a link to a video, we recommend that you post it on YouTube.

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Search the entire site using the search box at the top of every page. Searches will bring up articles, biographies, and other material related to your inquiry.

Search the collection only by using the collection search tool here [link:]. You can filter by topic, which means you can narrow your search to a specific type of kite, material, location, and more.