Authors: Eishin Iddittie
Date Submitted: March 31, 2010
Article Type: Discourse


The Japan Kite Association lost our oldest member during this New Year holiday season. It was Kiyo Hashimoto, the wife of Teizo Hashimoto, who was a worldly, well known Edo kite maker. Kiyo passed away on January 5th, 2009, right before her 106th birthday.

Kiyo helped Teizo on almost everything, except painting kites. She was in charge of nearly all his kite business deals, from buying materials to selling kites. Teizo and Kiyo had no children. When Kiyo married Teizo, his father was still healthy, and she took care of the two men. In Japanese culture, the oldest son lives with his parents, and the son’s wife takes care of the household chores.

When Teizo passed away in 1991, people thought it was the end of Edo kite culture. I think the death of Teizo’s wife Kiyo was the end of a great kite generation, but it doesn’t mean that Edo kite culture is gone.

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