Authors: Ben Ruhe
Date Submitted: February 28, 2007
Article Type: Journal

Favorite place to fly?

Internationally, it’s Cervia, Italy. The weather in early May is almost always beautiful and the people are inspiring. In the U.S., I really love Brenton Point in Newport, Rhode Island. Lots of bushes and trees to separate groups of people. With hundreds of kitefliers around you, you can feel like you’re alone.

Best ever kiteflying companion?

I love to travel with Jose Sainz. He’s the perfect kite ambassador, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is always willing to share a bit of his Mexican heritage—-that’s spelled “t e q u i l l a.” But mostly, he challenges all around him to do things better than they would have alone.

Most riveting kiting experience?

Flying two large box kites in Long Beach, Washington, as a light fog rolled in, making both kites invisible. But their shadows could be clearly seen as the fog continued to roll by! It was magical, knowing they were flying, but only seeing the changing shadows through the fog.

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