October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Ephemera Collection

Collection Number: 4356

Post Type: History

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Artist or Author: Drachen Design,,

Creation Year: 1992

Length: 0.00

Height: 1.00

Width: 1.00


A collection of 17 kite pins commissioned by Drachen Design, Inc. and sold in 1992. 14 pins commemorate kite inventors and people pivotal to the devlopment of kites in history. Three "add-on" pins are included in this set as well, honoring Paul Garber. Each pin is enclosed in a plastic bag and housed inside a small gold box. The underside of the box lid includes a sticker with information about the person.

Includes a folder containing one page of information for each kite pin artist.
"The 1992 Kite in Aviation History Series from Drachen Design, Inc."

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