July 31, 2019

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Artist or Author: photographer unknown

Creation Year: 1992

Length: 5 inch

Height: 3.5 in

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: Bowed, Figure, Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Dowel, Nylon/Synthetic, Paper, Plastic

Significance: Art

It was an annual honor to be invited to a Japan Kite Association meeting tour of Japan. Part of the tour was to be the guest of Ms. T. Sato in Aomori, Japan to learn about the large festival kitemaking done in the region.
This is the year that Charlie Sotich was invited to do a kitemaking exchange of his style of miniature kites. Kitemaker Elmer Wharton, Chicago, Illinois (deceased) at his best humor in Aomori, Japan