August 15, 2011

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Collection Number: 167

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Artist or Author: The Drachen Foundation

Creation Year: 2011

Height: 11

Width: 4.25


For the 6th KIWA Exhibition, (Kyoto International Woodprint Association) held in the Kyoto City Museum in April 2011, we decided to devote space to woodblock printed kites. Our qualifications were uncomplicated; they had to be real, flyable kites, and mostly, if not all, printed from woodblock. The Drachen Foundation enlisted the help of McClain’s Printmaking Supplies and Hiromi Paper International and sent out a call for entries, which were sparred into kites by Scott Skinner and sent to Kyoto. This is the booklet created for an exhibition of the kites in Seattle.

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Geographic: Germany, Japan, United States

Kite Type: Bowed, Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Paper

Significance: Art