May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Anne Richter

Creation Year: 1994

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ISBN: 0-8118-0481-X Language: English Description: In Indonesia, fine textiles, masks, puppets, baskets, pottery, and metalwork are created for utilitarian purposes, to embellish and sanctify everyday life, and as offerings to the gods.

Shadow puppets -- such as those that form the Ramayana, an important source of inspiration in dance, drama, puppet theater, sculpture, and folk cultural expression -- are made with painted and gilded leather and buffalo horn and are used in public performances of the many story cycles.

Today, Indonesia's accelerating pace of development and internationalization has fostered new ideas; modern art forms combine past traditions with present interests to provide an array of living crafts at their most vital. Anne Richter's authoritative text -- based on her extensive research and knowledge of Indonesian decorative arts -- together with more than 150 color photographs, offers a vivid portrait of Indonesian societies, the essential role of artistic accomplishment in the community and lives of the native people, and a sampling of the wide range of crafts they create.

Geographic: Indonesia

Materials: Paper

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