May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Margaret Greger

Creation Year: 1977

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Language: English Description: This book is an introduction to kitemaking and to working with kites in the classroom. It can be used by children and adults. The kites are simple, inexpensive and class-tested for success. The methods have been effective with dozens of groups. Individuals who simply want to make kites for their own enjoyment will also find the book useful.

The final chapter covers the making of fabric kites. It uses sewing techniques and is written in standard sewing terms. Some instructions for making kites of cloth were written by kitemakers unfamiliear with sewing. I have attempted to simplify and standardize so that the kitemaker will fin the task easy and be satisfied with the result.

81 pages

Geographic: Netherlands, Thailand, United States, Vietnam

Materials: Paper

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