May 18, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

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Artist or Author: Dr. Bill Cochrane

Creation Year: 1993

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ISBN: 0-7134-6920-X Language: English Description: Fashions in kite-making come and go, but the box kite remains enduringly popular. It was originally developed as a lifting device that would eventually lead to powered flight, and it is the same quality of natural stability - as well as its scope for innovative design - that makes it such a joy to make and fly.

A short history of the box kite is followed by an introduction to materials, construction methods and the different approaches needed to fly box kites successfully in changing wind conditions. There are 18 individual kite projects, which take the reader clearly through each stage of the construction process. The projects range from simple, traditional 'box' shapes to more complex and challenging designs, such as the famous Cody war kite and other multi-faceted structures. Each design is illustrated in full colour and is accompanied by detailed line drawings.

96 pages

Geographic: United States

Materials: Paper

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