October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Kite Collection

Collection Number: 4328

Post Type: History

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Artist or Author: Robert Brasington,,

Creation Year:

Length: 0.00

Height: 175.00

Width: 38.00


Alligator figure kite by Robert Brasington (Australia). Made of green and black ripstop and a fiberglass frame of six spars, one vertical (not removable) and five others (removable). Two point bridle of dacron line. Five bows, includes winder and nylon line. Manufactured for commercial kite retail by New Tech Kites, Austin Texas. Made in China.

Tasmanian artist Robert Brasingon, top designer of kites, known for large 3D cellular constructed kites, this is one of his series of smaller flat/bowed kites.

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