July 3, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2791

Post Type: Book

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Artist or Author: Sarah St. Vincent

Creation Year: 2008


Drachen Foundation kite grant recipient, Sarah St. Vincent spent over a year living in Cambodia researching and documenting their tradition of kites for our foundation. From the many interviews, documents, articles and photos she compiled this manuscript with the hopes of it being published. For this reason, we are unable to offer a scan of the entire work, but let the world know that it exists and can be accessed by contacting Sarah St. Vincent herself.

A very personal journalistic narrative on Sarah's year in Cambodia, living and learning about a culture as a western scholar.

Sarah St. Vincent

Geographic: Cambodia

Kite Type: Bowed, Figure

Materials: Bamboo, Paper

Significance: Art, Cultural, Sport

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