November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1320

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Creation Year: 1907

Length: 0.00

Height: 0.00

Width: 0.00


Cody in white coat launching flying wing glider model. Model possibly influenced by Weiss glider (this is described in the Aeronautical Journal, also Goodall/Tagg British Aviation Before The Great War p 331) (see also 312). This may actually be the Weiss Albatross model glider demonstrated at the Alexander Palace Model Flying Machine Exhibition in April 1907. Cody is known to have met Weiss. Also see Illustrated London News 13th April 1907 for an illustration of the Weiss model. This flying wing model may also have influenced J W Dunne and his tailless aeroplane designs..
Date: 1907/8

Geographic: United Kingdom

Kite Type: Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Cotton, Dowel

Significance: Historical

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