November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1385

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Creation Year: 1901

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Two images. A) Cody handflying a small extended wing kite. The kite has large wing extensions, a triangular underfin but not the topknot. The wings are too broad for it to be the 'poster' War Kite. This image may be reversed as it is practically identical to the sketch in Journal A .. S F Cody's Aroplaine...etc 2) "The inventor and his latest toy". This kite is very similar to the 1901 kite patent. B) Extended Short Wing Carrier kite with man underneath in wicker kite chair. The lifters seem to be the Queen Alexandra Kite and the Winged Rhomboidal Kite. No pilot kite shown but this may be beyond the photograph; this could be the Patent Kite which would justify it being shown adjacent. Top of kite winch protrudes into lower frame of the image. These images likely to be around Newcastle but may be earlier, i.e. Rawtenstall. Image B is similar to 268, 688. Image 267 shows the carrier kite on the ground.

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