November 7, 2011

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Creation Year: 1907

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A V Roe with '"Back steering Aeroplane" model at model aeroplane and kite competition. His biplane model aeroplane is on the ground behind him. Alexandra Palace. See "Trails, Troubles and Triplanes" by Jarrett for A V Roe's models. This model is shown on page 18. Jarret's book is good on the competition, particularly A V Roe. Roe "nearly flew" his full size aeroplane (his words) in the summer of 1908 but Jarret's book demonstrates that later claims that "nearly" meant that he "did" fly were not the same thing. This work gives Cody precedence as the first to fly a powered, controlled aeroplane in Great Britain. Also see Illustrated London News 13th April 1907 for illustrations of models. Group for this competition includes 293, 296, 297, 299, 300, 301, 313, 320
1907 April

Geographic: United Kingdom

Significance: Historical

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