November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1633

Post Type: Photo/s

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Creation Year: 1908

Length: 0.00

Height: 0.00

Width: 0.00


Kite train comprising Carrier War Kites, 3 Lifter War Kites and pilot War Kite. Pilot kite appears to be diving, or is an unusual kite. All Short wing. Lifters may be flying with "Save-all"s. Operator may be in wicker kite seat or the basket is small and unmanned. .Same as 102, 514. See also 102, 103, 251, 514. Group includes 090, 102, 103, 251, 372, 429, 486, 514,

Geographic: United Kingdom

Materials: Bamboo, Cotton, Dowel

Significance: Historical

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