November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1722

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Creation Year: 1905

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Horse drawn equipment wagon used as a mobile haul down system for recovering heavy kites. "History of Early British Military Aeronautics" by Broke-Smith shows this wagon in Photo 5 as part of original Balloon Transport in 1889; could be same vehicle? Haul Down shown linked to flying line which can be seen rising above horses. Summer, long grass and leaves on trees. Group including 001, 153, 155, 311, 417, 435, 449, 468, 522, 542, 574, 578, 579, 584, 593, 594, 595, 604, 690, 702, 735 brings images of the British Army kite equipment, kite assembly and some kites on the ground where the army are not using recognised army specific kites.

Geographic: United Kingdom

Significance: Historical

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