November 7, 2011

Collection Name: Cody Collection

Collection Number: 1532

Post Type: Photo/s

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Creation Year: 1901

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Small winged box kite front view. Same as 248 but misleading sketch on image gives impression that there is a cross stick in front cell and that the image is a side view. Cody may have been sketching out a new kite based on this one; in that case this could show the beginnings of the winged box kite that became the War Kite. Notes on back of photo: 'Pilot kite. Standing on end with my improved wings and top-knot sail. One of the special items of my patent' (could this apply to the sketch rather than the image?) Probably Bury St. Edmonds but could be Leeds.
1901/2 winter

Geographic: United Kingdom

Materials: Bamboo, Cotton, Dowel

Significance: Historical

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