May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Valerie Reddix Illustrated by Jean and Mou-sien Tseng

Creation Year: 1991

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ISBN: 0-688-11030-4 Language: English Description: Every year, for as long as Tad-Tin could remember, Grandfather had made a special kite ot fly on Kite's Day. Every year, they had flown the kite together until the night was thick with stars. Then they had cut the string and let it go.

But this year, Grandfather lay sick in his bed. The box kite for Kite's Day lay on the floor, unfinished. Tad-Tin had only one kite to fly: the beautiful dragon that Grandfather had made to celebrate his birth. But his heart was torn at the thought of cutting the string. Though tradition held that a freed kite would carry away all misfortune, Tin knew his beloved dragon would never return.

Based on ancient Chinese traditions of Taiwan and illustrated by two of Taiwan's most acclaimed illustrators, Dragon Kite of the Autumn Moon is a stunning tale of magic and of love.

29 pages

Geographic: Peoples Republic of China, United States

Materials: Paper

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