May 18, 2012

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Creation Year: 1985

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ISBN: 0 Language: English Description: "Walt Disney World is proud to present "Feather on the Wind-The Art of Japanese Kites" at EPCOT Center.

This collection illustrates the diversity of the Japanese kite. The huge fighting kites of Shirone, the tricolor Nagasaki kites, the fierce Kabuki warriors glaring from Tokyo kites, are all part of the centuries-old tradition of the Japanese kite. This is a revered art form in Japan. One of the most distinguished kite makers, represented in this collection, is honored by the government with the title of Living National Treasure.

The kites in this exhibition were made by contemporary Japanese kite makers within the last decade. The kite shapes and paintings are based on designs handed down within the family from generation to generation.

The Disney organization would like to thank Mitsukoshi for their supporting grant to this exhibit. Thanks are also extended to Ronald Y. Otsuka, curator of Asian art at the Denver Art Museum, who acted as curator for this exhibition, and to Tsutomu Hiroi, a professor at Tokyo Gakugei University and a sculptor and kite collector, who generously provided research materials and information about Japanese kites. We deeply appreciate the loan of the entire collection from Tal Streeter, whose knowledge of and love for Japanese kites are so keenly displayed in his book, The Art of the Japanese Kite.

World Showcase is a permanent community of nations, where the heritage and achievements of people around the world come alive in ten Showcase countries-Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, the United Kingdom, and The American Adventure.

This is the third in a continuing series of exhibits at the Bijitsu-kan Gallery in the Japan pavilion of World Showcase. In addition to the Japan exhibit, artworks are currently displayed in the China, Mexico, and Morocco pavilions, and many more shows are planned. Every year, millions of World Showcase travelers enjoy art treasures at EPCOT Center.

We hope you enjoy this collection of art representing the centuriesold tradition of Japanese kites."

17 pages

Geographic: Japan

Materials: Paper

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