May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Wayne Hosking

Creation Year: 2000

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Language: English Description: "In most parts of the world kite fighting is a one-on one event where participants maneuver their kites into a position to slice the line of an opponent's kite. The cut is accomplished when the specially prepared, glass-coated lines cross; a quick pull will usually result in one of the lines being severed. A disadvantaged flyer, if quick enough, will make a defensive move by releasing line that causes the kite to roll. Once cut, the spoils become the property of the victor, or whoever can snag the loose kite.

The essence of a fighter is its low stability and its ability to be controlled by increasing or decreasing tension on the line. With a slack line the kite is flat and will tend to spin. By applying pressure to the line the kite becomes three-dimensional and will travel in the direction it is pointing. To change the kite's direction tension is released on the line and the kite will stop and start to turn. If a kite proves to be too stable a few sharp jabs on the line will often rectify the problem. With practice it is possible to spin most kites by quickly feeding out line when they begin to turn."

96 pages

Geographic: India, Japan, Malaysia, Peoples Republic of China, Thailand

Materials: Paper

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