May 18, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

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Artist or Author: George Shea, Illustrated by Don Bolognese

Creation Year: 1997

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ISBN: 0-06-024503-4 Language: English Description: "Around Kitty Hawk, Tom Tate was known for telling tall tales. But not even one of his stories could top the claim of Orville and Wilbur Wright, who said they came to Kitty Hawk to build a flying machine. Their plan sounded crazy to some folks, but Tom believed the brothers. He watched them testing their inventions and hoped that someday they'd send him up.

Based on the true story of the first boy -and the second person ever -to fly at Kitty Hawk, this account of the creation of the world's first airplane, beautifully rendered in Don Bolognese's illustrations, will leave beginning readers' imaginations."

46 pages

Geographic: United States

Materials: Paper

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