October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Kite Collection

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Artist or Author: LӁ곯nautique,,

Creation Year: 1910

Length: 0.00

Height: 0.00

Width: 0.00


French bird kite, "L'Aigle Dragon" made by LӁ곯nautique. Historic kite made from cloth and wood, in the shape of a bird of prey. Cloth is printed to show feathers and talons. Includes non-original zinc pipe tube.

Frits Sauve of the Netherlands has been researching this kite and other extant bird kites of this type through a Drachen Foundation Research Grant.

Excerpts from Frits Sauve's research report on the kite:
"LӁigle Dragon (High Flying Eagle) is supposed to look like a bird. When flying up in the
air it looks like a bird of prey. The kite was developed to be used with different purposes.
A hunter could use it to flush out pheasants, partridges and other birds that could be
hunted down. Farmers and gardeners would use the kite to chase away birds that would
eat fruit or crops. The kite must have been bought for fun flying, too, since it had a wide
wind range and a steep flying angle."

"The kite is built from different material:
1. Frame of wood: to give shape, stiffness and strength
2. Cloth: as carrying surface
3. Metal: connecting center block to frame and head to body
4. Linen tape: connecting two verticals and central block
5. Glue: to glue the cloth to the frame and tail to body
6. Printing ink: to print the bird sketch on the cloth
7. Hemp line: tension lines in the frame and bridle lines"

See https://www.drachen.org/kite-french-bird.html for a detailed report, more images and drawings.

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