January 4, 2012

Collection Name: Scott Skinner Collection

Collection Number: 1975

Post Type: Kite Object or Accessory

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Artist or Author: Unknown

Creation Year: 1810

Height: 7 1/4 inches

Width: 8 3/4 inches


Book illustration that appears to be very specific social commentary about Germany, probably from the early 1800s or late 1700s. Each vignette in the illustration is numbered and I assume there was comment provided in the text that accompanied this illustration.
Kite in the image is carried aloft by wind from cherubs or people blowing from a rooftop. Kite tail is made up of a list of names and lifts a birdcage and man.. Also depicted is an outhouse, a coffin, a hot air ballon dropping men's clothing and boots.
It would be very interesting to hear more about this image.

Geographic: Germany

Kite Type: Flat

Significance: Cultural, Historical

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