October 25, 2016

Collection Name: Betty Street Collection

Collection Number: 4363

Post Type: History

This item was entered by Matthew Sutton. They assume full responsibility for all content.

Creation Year:

Length: 359.00

Height: 34.00

Width: 62.00


Indonesian (Bali) bird kite. Small model version of traditional large kite of this type. Kite is collapsible into three parts with wings that fold inward to the body, secured by vinyl rings when extended. Tail attaches to body of kite, which is made of white, black and red nylon fabric glued over a reed frame. Tail has glued and sewn pattern section at the end, but is mostly one piece of red fabric. Monofilament two point bridle. Betty Street saw this flying over a rice field and went to find the origin of this kite. Bought the kite from the man flyikng.

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