November 6, 2011

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 593

Post Type: Kite Object or Accessory

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Artist or Author: John Long

Creation Year: 2006

Length: 29 inches

Height: 85 inches

Width: 135 inches


Not much is known about this kitemaker, John Long, Bedford, Texas, but we were presented this replica Cody by his mother, Janet Long, after he was killed in a car accident.
This is a wonderful reproduction of a standard Cody War Kite, made of beige riptop and spars of bamboo.
The back cell is 53 inches x 25 inches and the front cell is 54 inches by 25 inches. There is one broken bamboo spar, that needs to be fixed, but the kite can be assembled.

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: BoxCellular

Materials: Bamboo, Ripstop

Significance: Art, Historical

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