May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Chris Wright

Creation Year: 1999

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ISBN: 1-898253-23-4 Language: English Description: A new perspective on the art of kite-flying
This book helps enthusiasts to make their kites fly better,
by explaining what can go wrong and how misbehaving
kites can be rescued:

Clearly illustrated, with 'articulate and practical guid-
ance on designing kites that will fly well and stay up in the
sky where they belong. KITE FLIGHT applies aerody
namic theory to kite flight in a way that all kite enthusiasts
can understand. Taking a scientific approach it explains
the fascinating subject of kite behaviour, a subject that Is
not properly explained anywhere else.

The book' is divided into two parts. The first deals with
design criteria: what features should one build into a
design so that it will have reasonable chance of success.
The second section provides a step-by-step fault chart,
together with simple and practical methods for adjusting
trim, and hints on flying technique.

Kite Flight is an excellent reference source for the general public, kite enthusiasts (beginners and experienced fliers), kite designers and constructors, and students who are keen to understand the basis for stability in flying machines.

71 pages

Geographic: United States

Materials: Paper

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