November 6, 2011

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 587

Post Type: Kite Object or Accessory

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Artist or Author: Julian Wolfe

Creation Year:

Length: 68 inches

Width: 90 inches


The kites and winders of Bellevue, Washington kitemaker and flyer Julian Wolfe was presented to the Foundation by his family after his death in the year 2003. He flew mostly alone, creating deltas a first, then as his interest grew, he scaled his deltas and kites to that of a very large format, sometimes to over 15 feet in span. AS his kites grew in size, the pull of the kites grew and he focused on designing and building some of the most amazing winch and winder systems to accommodate the power of his kites. Spars are missing.

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: BoxCellular

Materials: Carbon, Ripstop

Significance: Art, Sport

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