May 18, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

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Artist or Author: Wayne Hosking

Creation Year: 1993

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Language: English Description: Kites For Kids is meant for children, but not all children will have the skills needed to make all of the kites. Therefore, I recommend that any kite making activity, especially for those younger than ten years, be under the supervision of an adult.

I would also like to see kiting as a family or group activity and not just left to "child's play." Even a child as young as two to three years of age can safely enjoy flying a kite, when assisted by an adult. That is, an adult makes a small kite (e.g., a paper fold kite) and attaches it to a plastic, balloon straw with a short piece of string; the child runs around with the kite flying in the breeze.

My goal for this book has been to select a collection of kites that are interesting, inexpensive and easy to make. Generally they all can be made in less than an hour, from materials that can be found around the home. All of the kites are good fliers. The secret to successful kite flying is to carefully follow the directions and to make adjustments to the kite when needed.

72 pgs

Geographic: Japan, United States

Materials: Paper

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