July 30, 2011

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Artist or Author: Domina Jalbert

Creation Year: 1944


American Domina Jalbert of Boca Raton, Florida, is credited for the invention of the parafoil, an original kite design. The Drachen Foundation is the holder of what we know to be the last of his archives, much were destroyed in a fire and the rest was disowned by his surviving family, all passing within years of his own death. (His daughter by first marriage is still alive, but has nothing to do with her father.) Kytoons were thought to be developed for Byrd's Antarctic expeditiions, a "blimp" for lofting aerials, these are a cross between a balloon and a kite. Hence the name, Kytoon, was an aero balloon with rigid lifting and stabilizing surfaces. Basically, as David Pelham explains, "while the stabilizers were capable of keeping the Kytoon headed into the wind, the wings urvaces ensured a good lift, enabling it to be accurately moored over its anchorage, rising into the wind rather than being blown towards the ground as a normal balloon might. Because of its comparatively high degree of controllability, large versions of Jalbert's original Kytoons are still used in the Canadian timber industry, where they are employed to lift logs from otherwise inaccessible areas." We have no recorded dates on this collection of photos.

Geographic: United States

Kite Type: Inflated

Materials: Nylon/Synthetic

Significance: Commercial, Historical, Scientific

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