June 6, 2012

Collection Name: Drachen Foundation Collection

Collection Number: 2653

Post Type: Manuscript

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Artist or Author: Lisa Bennett

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Lisa Bennett is a filmographer and researcher, who has worked on the subject of kites and the culture of kites for decades.
What makes her notations of interest is the manner in which she learned about kites, through intensive anthropological, literary, historical and scientific research, covering libraries, as well as personal interviews with people in the places where they resided. Although some of the research is in long hand, it shows the need to personally research and read as many citations as possible, then spend uncountable number of hours analyzing and looking for connections of one's factual materials.
This group of research is focused on Tibet/China.

Geographic: Peoples Republic of China

Kite Type: Flat

Materials: Bamboo, Paper

Significance: Cultural, Historical