May 18, 2012

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Artist or Author: Gabriel Voison

Creation Year: 1960

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Language: French Description: Question ten people randomly and ask them the question: "Who was the first in the world to fly an airplane a kilometer in a closed circuit?" the response will be almost always: "A Wright". January 13 1908, is the precise moment where Henri Farman accomplished on a Voisin biplane , in Issy-them-Moulineaux, the first kilometer in a closed circuit, nobody had ever seen the flight of the Wright brothers. This is the story of the short season, on the shores of the Seine, where two children launched the kite that they had constructed themselves. Some years later, for the first time in France, a "flying machine" pulled by a dinghy automobile flew away itself on the Seine with a man on board. The inventors, the builders, and the pilots of this machine were the Voisin brothers, Gabriel and Charles.

Genius handyman, skillful "mechanic", Gabriel Voisin very early had the vocation of the heavier than the air idea. For 20 years he built 182 models of airplanes, since the sailplane of 17 kg (the ancestor of the deltaplane) arrived at the triplane of 1915, pushed by its thousand horses.

Better than an autobiography abounding with anecdotes, this was the beautiful time, My 10,000 kites constitutes a unique document on the beginnings of the aviation, its despairs, and its enthusiasms. And then, the modern followers of the sports of slips and of planes are they so different from these pioneers that left for the assault of the sky in their "cages to hens", in their funny machines?

292 pages

Geographic: Australia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States

Materials: Paper

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